Fyola Lite Face Massager

Professional skin care treatment in the comfort of your own home with Galvanic Face Massager!
Retail $289
Now Only US $249

Coola Facial Roller

Promotes shinier and healthier skin with cold skin therapy. Improve your tone and texture with ice face roller.
Retail $79
Now Only US $39

Fyola Toning Gel ~ 100% Organic

toning gel
Enjoy a home facial massage with this amazing facial toning gel. It works together with the Fyola facial machine. You can use this alone or with the facial machine. Get firm looking skin.
Retail $139
Now Only US $38
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Aroma Body & Foot Cream

Aromathrapy cream with organic herbasl for soothing skin. Misturizing healing aromatherapy cream.
Saving $40!!
Now Only US $39

Facial Treatment with Fyola Lite Facial Machine

Refresh your look and feel with this facial massager everyday. This facial machine opens and cleans out skin pores and delivers essential nutrients into your skin. Give yourself a home facial treatment now!

Galvanic facial machine makes moisturizers, toners, and nutrient lotions more effective. Fyola galvanic machine helps transport nutrients from the surface deep into the skin using tiny electronic ions. The ingredients in these skin care products can reach below the epidermis down to the skin layers using galvanic ion. Try this facial massager now!

How can Face Massager help your skin?

  • Helps remove dead skin cells
  • Helps reduce acne with ultrasound
  • Removes waste and cleans out pores
  • Enhances the absorption of moisture & nutrients
  • Allows for skin treatment in your home

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