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How To Get Your Skin Absorb Nutrient
for a Non-Surgical Facelift

Wouldn't be nice if you could just rub your nutrients onto your skin every morning and spend the rest of the day assured they would be absorbed? Better yet, you could rub some magic ingredient on your skin for a non-surgical facelift?

With skin technology, you actually can, but there are reasons naked skin interrupts nutrients absorption, not matter how much it needs those nutrients for your healthy, beautiful face to the world.

Here is the Said News…
You Naked Skin Interrupts Nutrients Absorption

The Outer layer of the skin protects your body, but also blocks the nutrient. The outer layer of the skin is known as the stratum corneum, the "horny layer."

Referring to toughness rather than sexual excitation, this horny layer protects the skin against the body in much the same way as a raincoat protects against rain.

The stratum corneum consists of tightly linked cells that are impenetrable to water—otherwise we would quite literally melt—mechanical injury, and infection. This resistance to the outside world is essential for protecting the body.

Where the skin does open to the outside world, at the pores, there is a lining of oily sebum that likewise protects the tissues beneath from liquid invaders.

How to feed your skin the nutrients it needs
with ultrasound?

Ultrasound interrupts skin protection just enough to allow nutrients molecules, but not dust, dirt, allergens, viruses, or bacteria, to enter the skin. Generating about a million beats a second, the Fyola face massager induces a process called cavitation.

For a tiny fraction of a second, the ultrasound machine moves cells in the stratum corneum just far enough apart to allow a molecule of a mineral or a vitamin or a healing agent to slip through.

This molecule quickly flows into the watery interstitial fluid that acts as a buffer between the cells in the lower layers of the skin. Just as quickly as the "cavity" opens, the sound waves close it, restoring the protective integrity of the skin.

How does ultrasound enhance nutrient absorption
So You Get A Beautiful Skin?

All of this happens in less than a thousandth of a second. That is just enough time for nutrients to enter. The same process also encourages circulation in the skin that distributes nutrients and helps blood flow where the skin needs it.

Does ultrasound also remove waste products from deep inside the skin? Well, yes, but that's still basically the bloodstream's job. Ultrasound stimulates the flow of blood that can keep carrying away waste products when you are not using the machines.

Use Ultrasound with facial machine

The special use of ultrasound massage, however, is in gently removing sebum. Oily sebum is the natural lubricant of the skin. Like any other oil, however, it eventually goes bad. Open pores conduct this oil to the skin where it can be washed off, but blocked pores trap the sebum where it is consumed by bacteria that irritate the skin with their own waste products.

The process of cavitation that lets nutrients in also lets trapped sebum out—ready to be gently washed away at the end of your massage.

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How to get non-surgical facelift with facial machine?

But how does using facial skin care help you achieve a non-surgical facelift? Here's the one ingredient you need to repair sagging skin: alpha-lipoic acid. This unique antioxidant pervades the entire tissues of the skin, inside cells and between them, in watery tissues and in the tiny amount of fat your skin needs for its normal shape. Applying alpha-lipoic acid to your skin can give it the renewed resilience it needs to firm up and shape up without surgery, usually in just a few weeks!

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