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What to Do If You Have Puffy Eyes?

There is no reason you have to let your eyes reveal your age. Whether you suffer sagging skin or bags beneath your eyes, or you have puffy eyes, or you wake up with raccoon eyes in the morning, Fyola ultrasound massage can help you use eye creams for even greater benefit than application by hand alone.

Reduce Puffy Eyes with Eye Cream is NOT the only way

You only need an eye cream, of course, if the skin around your eyes is dryer or more sensitive than the skin of the rest of your face. Still, if you need an eye cream, it is likely to be quite expensive. Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex, for example, costs $94 an ounce. If you are going to use a product that costs you $94 plus tax every time you go to the cosmetics counter, you want to make sure it reaches the layers of the skin that need it.

Ultrasound Machine Helps Reduce Puffy Eyes

There is no better way to ensure your skin care products reach the skin cells that need them than using the Fyola ultrasound system. This machine generates sound far above the frequencies humans can hear. Pulse of sound massage the skin between 1,000,000 and 1,800,000 times a second.

Each tiny pulse opens a microscopic channel when it moves cells in just the right configuration to allow single molecules of active ingredients to drop straight down to the lower levels of the skin. In a few thousandths of a second, however, the channels close, never having become large enough to let in dirt or microorganisms. Your skin care serums go in, but undesirable debris stays out.

And if you want your ultrasound system to work even better, consider this simple nutritional advice:

Don't eat sugar.

Sugar causes sagging skin. Even with blood sugar levels are low in the body as a whole, they can be high in the skin. The sugar in the bloodstream literally "caramelizes" proteins in the skin, linking them together so that they retain fluid. The result is fluid accumulation into bags and circles under the eyes.

If you don't eat sugar, you are not likely ever to suffer sagging skin under your eyes. But if you have already indulged, don't despair. The Fyola system increases circulation, moving fluid out away from your skin. And any cream containing alpha-lipoic acid "de-caramelizes" the skin proteins damaged by sugar so that eventually fluid flows normally around and under your eyes.

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